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Session 10 -Monday, April 22nd!

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Released October 1st!

So excited to share this music with all of you. Thanks to Grace Lowe and Jon Lowe for putting up with their mamma long enough to record with her. Thanks to Jacob Phaneuf for using his talent for God’s glory! Thanks be to God for placing music in my soul!

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Music Video Now Available!

The video for “I’ll Fly Away” has been released! We are so excited to share in the works of Tracy VanWoudenberg with Studio V out of Northwest Arkansas. Kimberly’s son, Jon, assisted in some of the video footage, also! Click below to learn more about the release.

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Listen to Kimberly Faith’s Music

For FREE! Click on the link below to choose any of the albums + singles released by Kimberly Faith and find the links within to listen for free.

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Click HERE for the links to purchase Kimberly’s first installment of Essential Faith daily devotional book and the links to her music.

Faith Strong Through

Daily Devotionals

These devotionals are God’s response to my trials and my search for Him. I pray they bless you too! ~Kimberly
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Faith Strong Through


This music is God’s miracle. I am humbled that He has taken the music He placed in my soul and allowed me to write and record it to bless others. I’m grateful to write and record with the very talented Jacob Paul!

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Faith Strong Through


Our mission is to allow God’s love within us to build a bridge to the human heart. God takes our earthly gifts and gives us eternal blessings.

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How to know God.
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