Verse 1

Child of God, are you living; Lost and Blinded by this old world;
Which promised you heaven; but left you standing; with nothing; nothing worth having


So don’t you sell out your soul; They got nothing to give you;
That your Father don’t already have
Oh Child, Oh child Oh child, don’t you know that He loves you.

Verse 2

You see that sunrise; He did that today; And none of your worry, changed a thing;
So why don’t you dry up all of your crying; Don’t you stop believing that He loves you.



Don’t you sell out your soul, child; Because they got nothing, nothing to give you now;
That your father, your dear father, don’t already have,

Verse 3

Take a good look at, the world around you; They all looking for something wonderful;
That’s gonna drive away all their darkness; Why don’t you give them the light of Jesus.


repeat 2x