Listen now for the baby’s cry; You won’t hear it because you took his life;
Gone to heaven where the angels sing; They are kissing the face of the innocent;

She’ll never hold her baby in her arms; And daddy will never see her sweet smile;
In fear they sent her out death’s cold door; Now in their heart she cries;

Maybe you haven’t made your mind up; Not tossed a life away in endless regret;
Believe in life, someone believed in you; And gave sweet life for your innocence;

Don’t listen to the lies that they tell; Her heart beats and she knows you well;
She is alive although you cannot see; Or hold her tenderly;

The storms are raging in your heart I know; But God will take care of you both;
He knew both from before time began; And He listens to the cry of the innocent;

He’ll give you joy, make your dreams come true; There is nothing that He wouldn’t do;
He sent His only Son to die for you; So you can give your love for the innocent;
Oh God please help us Save the Innocent.