If we want to change the direction of our nation, we must begin with ourselves and the people around us. In his book Resilience, Eric Greitens said,”Great changes come when we make small adjustments with great conviction.” We may despair over the disrepair of a family, a neighborhood, a city or a nation, but transformation begins in the stillness of the heart. When we allow God to come in and fill us with His wisdom, love and power, then we gain hope because we’ve EXPERIENCED transformation.

Even though the daily struggle is real, through God’s hand, our faith is strengthened so that we envision and ENACT change. We must learn to set aside our false expectation of “microwave” transformation–it’s unrealistic and will lead to despair and apathy. Rather, focus upon understanding the long term impact of making the quiet changes which transform our lives—and eventually the lives of so many more!

Greitens wrote: “In my work with other veterans, I’ve seen how only a few degrees of change—a slight reorientation of the spirit followed by consistent practice on a new path—has helped people rebuild their lives. We pray in the evening right before bed, we exercise, sleep just half an hour longer; eat dinner twice a week with our friends and family. We forgive and take two minutes every morning to give thanks for those we love and the happiness we enjoy. These are quiet changes in the context of all the things we do in a day, and yet, applied consistently over time, they transform our lives.” One changed life can change another. Jesus transformed a bunch of fishermen—first their heart and then by daily influencing their life and habits.

After He was gone, they “turned the world upside down!” (Acts 17:6)

It was upon the road of life that they dialed in on His direction and–each small degree of change transformed them. Upon the sea of despair, one degree of change can drastically change the destination which lies on our horizon. We can do it now. Spend time with Him each day to get our bearings; listen to the change His Spirit directs; speak His words to those in need of His love, wisdom and power. When He changes us, we can change the world!

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