God began transforming my heart about five years ago, and, as He did, He gave me a burning desire to do something big. I had no idea what “big” looked like because, I’m just one person with a limited amount of influence. When I typically think of doing something “big” for God, I think of someone like George Whitfield who spearheaded the “Great Awakening” and taught the common man that a relationship with God is personal and they could know Him without possessing wealth, status or only through the church or a priest. The churches shut their doors to Whitfield and so he preached in the streets. The hungry hearts of people flocked to hear him speak and thousands came to Christ.

His teachings were contrary to what the accepted religious mainstream had deceived people with for centuries and thus, he walked alone.

Except–he wasn’t alone because he had a personal relationship with God. It was the burning fire of his relationship with God which people could SEE had transformed him, and thus, which gave him the most powerful platform of influence in the world—the power to influence the heart! We each have the ability to influence the hearts around us—and the extent of our influence is only limited by the extent to which we allow God to transform and guide us. We each may be the shining light which Jesus redeemed us to be: “You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden.” (Matthew 5:14)

People long to be free of the chains of darkness!

When we influence the heart, people can learn how to live in true freedom because they learn how to live unselfishly and thus, manage freedom in a way which will not destroy them. If Christ has transformed our heart, we WILL influence others because He permeates every area of OUR life. His Presence is manifested in our treatment of others. His Presence influences our desires. We do not desire what is evil, nor do we live just to fulfill our own desires. It is a powerful influence upon people to see one who joyfully lives in the goodness of God. Our greatest influence upon others for Christ occurs when Christ has the greatest influence upon us!

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