IN God’s will, more is accomplished in one day than what may be accomplished in an entire week when OUT of His will. Not only is more accomplished in God’s will, but WHAT is accomplished is by far MORE satisfying! He keeps me constantly amazed. All credit is due to Him for everything amazing in my life. It is in His will, that we exponentially experience His power. When we yield to Him our talent, resources and yes–our precious time—we being to experience His power. I have seen Him give me wisdom in situations I did not possess the knowledge to handle. I have seen Him give me timing to accomplish tasks which typically would have taken me weeks. I have seen Him give me love in the face of hate. I have seen Him give me words of encouragement when I would have otherwise remained in ignorant silence. I have seen Him bless me with resources far beyond my power to attain. I have seen Him multiply resources in ways which defy economics. When we experience the power of God, no one has to tell us that REAL power belongs ONLY to Him! The Psalmist wrote: “Once God has spoken; twice have I heard this: that power belongs to God.” (Psa. 62:11) Furthermore, when we are against Him, we are powerless to accomplish true success. “He is wise in heart and mighty in strength —who has hardened himself against him, and succeeded?—” (Job 9:4) Job wrote this in the throes of misery during the unmerited persecution he was suffering when God withdrew His hand of protection and allowed evil to have it’s way with him. Even in the midst of his unfair persecution, Job, who was an exceedingly successful man, knew that the key to to true success lay in the choices of the heart. A heart which follows God finds true success. True success is not properly measured by the impoverished minds of men nor those whose hearts are hardened to God. Complete and satisfying success is measured by the degree to which our lives have glorified our Magnificent Creator!