The purpose driven life is powerful and fulfilling—especially when lived in God’s Divine Purpose! When we are driven by Divine Purpose, our problems are taken in stride instead of becoming our focal point. We don’t have time for selfishness, gossip, bickering, feeling sorry for ourselves, worry and other such time-wasters. We are WARRIORS and we are IN a battle! We are on the front and the bullets are flying around us. We bind up our wounds and fight through the pain, lest we give the enemy an inch of ground. We keep our senses sharp, we are constantly in touch with our Command so we are able to discern between good and evil. Does a warrior engaged in battle have time for self-centered nonsense? Although I know the answer to that question, do I really CARE enough to change? God is bringing it home to my heart! Our gender or race; our profession; our lack of talent, aptitude, physical strength, genius; the sins against us, or our past sins, etc.,–NONE are an excuse to avoid our purpose! Whatever earthly position we hold–we are called first and foremost, to be warriors with a Divine Purpose. When we live with Divine Purpose, we live with God’s passion , we don’t have time to waste on selfishness. We don’t have time to be depressed, consumed by worry, fearful for our future, bitter, bored, petty, covetous, etc., because the battle is raging, the sweat and blood of our brothers is flying all around us. People are dying without Christ. People are living without hope. The passion of our magnificent purpose must stay at the forefront of our heart and mind. Our eternal Love awaits us in our eternal home and drives us to be faithful in the fight so that we may bring Him glory and show others the way to safety. The warrior’s two greatest commands are to love God and love others. (Matt. 22:38-39) Furthermore, there is no greater love than to lay down your life for another. (Jn. 15:13) So, I ask myself: “Where does any of my own selfish behavior fit into the magnificent purpose for which God has called me?” Selfishness is never part of God’s Divine plan; therefore, if we desire to live well and die with honor, we must passionately seek to love!