We all want to be cherished by another person. We want to be loved, valued and sought after; that is, “cherished.” When we don’t feel cherished by anyone, it’s easy to get dragged into an unhealthy state of mind. That unhealthy thought pattern can lead to self-destructive and self-debasing actions. We can abuse ourselves with overindulgence in food, alcohol, illicit sex, etc.; we can dedicate ourselves to being busy and bury our need; we can harden our hearts to our need and become bitter; or—we can ask our loving Father for help. He created us and knows our need to feel cherished. When we take the time to talk to Him, He enlightens our minds and warms our heart with the recollection of the multi-faceted depths of His love. No one on earth has given to us to the extent that God has given to us! The most obvious evidence of His care is reflected in the majesty of Creation; however, if that weren’t enough, He gave us His most excellent companionship which cost Him the ultimate sacrifice. Then, there is His constant grace. Despite the fact that we are constantly repeating the same offenses against Him, He forgives His children–over and over again. His abundant graciousness toward us far exceeds that of anyone else who has ever loved us!! Is not the long-suffering love which He give us in exchange for our fickle dedication to Him proof enough that we are cherished? God is the Lover Who loves us when He knows that the love He will receive in return will never be as good as the love He gives—yet, He continues to give. He is perfect Father Who longs to give every possible good gift to His children. “If ye then, being evil, know how to give good gifts unto your children, how much more shall your Father which is in heaven give good things to them that ask him?” (Matt. 7:11) Think about the deepest and most unselfish love you’ve ever had for another person and then multiply that times God’s unselfish Holiness—and THAT is the love He has for you. Undoubtedly, God cherishes His children; and there is no one who EVER will cherish us like He does!