As a child, I remember standing in a long line just to kiss the feet of Guru Maharaj Ji. Our family was part of a hippie commune. We kids were used to the different “trips” of the adults but weren’t particularly enamored with kissing the feet of a dude in a dress. I was unimpressed by this guy and remember thinking that when we used to worship “Mother Nature” I could at least see the point—after all—I could SEE her work. There was no mystery in this man and he hadn’t done anything for me—so what was the point? I wish I’d followed my childlike logic after I’d found the truth in Christ! You see, after I was born again, I continued to worship the corruptible things of this world instead of God. By “worship,” I mean “give them first place.” I spend most of my time and resources pursuing money, position, education, family and admiration—all which are corruptible—instead of incorruptible God. I didn’t understand God and I believed the world’s version of who He is and thus, chose to remain ignorant and pursued only what I understood. I believed what the world was advertising instead of the promises of God’s Word. Although I was born again in Christ, I never found any lasting satisfaction in Him. However, after I’d had my fill of the world, I was desperate and decided to pursue a relationship with God. I wanted to get as close to Him as I could which meant I had to be willing to forsake the things which came between us. Although I have been distracted, deterred and failed along the journey, His love has faithfully drawn me back. It has been the most amazing journey of my life! Just the baby steps I’ve taken in my pursuit of God, have yielded mountains of opportunity for my complete satisfaction in bringing glory to Him. God is able to do great things with even my smallest amount of faith! When we know God and see His miraculous works in our life, then this verse does not scare us into thinking that serving God is burdensome because we are EXPERIENCING His GREATNESS: “I consider everything a loss because of the surpassing worth of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord, for whose sake I have lost all things. I consider them garbage, that I may gain Christ.”(Phil. ‭3:8‬)