God offers us so much more than the abuse which we subject our hearts to when we love anything more than we love Him. We can be as blinded by the “love” of the world as a victim who repeatedly returns to an abuser. In my law practice I’ve seen many victims who repeatedly choose an abusive relationship. The victim is convinced that their abuser “loves” them. Their concept of love is warped because the victim is convinced that their sense of worth is tied to the abuser. We stand aghast at victims who voluntarily subject themselves to such evil! However, we Christians are not as far from this as we might think. We allow the world to define our worth and thus give it an inroad to perpetually victimize our heart. When we allow ourselves to become slaves of the world and our flesh in order to find our self-worth, we have subjected ourselves to an incredibly cruel master. We are constantly chafed by the chains of our desire to be loved, accepted and desired. Our security is tied to the shifting sands of other sinners like ourselves instead of the rock of God’s love. It doesn’t matter how much money or how many possessions we have, we are never secure. It doesn’t matter how many family members or friends we surround ourselves with—without God, we are never fully loved. God is the only love with no selfish agenda; furthermore, those who are in His will are truly our best friends. He has given us a divine and everlasting purpose. As the moon was created to reflect the sun’s glory and light up the dark night; so we were created to glorify God in a dark world. Once we get past the idea that we exist for our own glory or pleasure, then we learn to experience the security of God’s love which is found only in His will. God deemed us worth allowing His own Son to give His life for us; therefore, we should never let the world define our worth. “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” (John 3:16) Once we escape the slavery of living for our own glory and pleasure, we become secure in God’s love and then we may freely choose to live in the privilege of His glory.