There is incredible value in being alone with God. Being alone can be frightening and depressing and lead us to constantly try to fill up the silences with the sounds of entertainment and company. However, when we have allowed the presence of God to permeate our heart, we are no longer EVER alone—even when it appears to others that we are completely alone. Until experiencing it myself, I would have never believed it true. So, how can one who is but a mere human, ever adequately describe God’s presence? He is the pureness which cleanses and warms my heart like a hot relaxing bath after a hard, grubby day’s work. He is the strength which renews me like a long, deep slumber in a comfortable bed. He is the wisdom which enlightens my mind like the greatest discovery of my lifetime. He is the love who holds me close and makes me feel secure. His presence is simply the best part of my life. Even these recitation of my own experiences are woefully inadequate to describe Him. How can I quantify love? As I gaze over the river valley below my house and watch fingers of sunlight pierce through the clouds and illuminate small billows on the canopy of fog, I’m overwhelmed that the One who is directing this majestic motion picture would reach down and touch my heart with His presence. How thankful I am that He never gave up on me! Even when I was completely ignorant of the wonders of His presence, He knew my searching heart would eventually abandon the insufficiency of my own desires and passionately pursue Him. My own will is all that ever stands between me and God; thus, Humility must be a daily pursuit. God’s extraordinary relationship with Moses was because Moses’ heart was humble and surrendered to God. (Num. 12:3) God was a friend to Moses and made this promised him: “My Presence will go with you, and I will give you rest.” (‭Ex. ‭33:14‬) Humbly submitting our will to God, gives us the most extraordinary relationship of our lifetime!