Living in the adventure of God’s will is much like pursuing treasure in uncharted waters—and–we continually NEED Him, or we will be lost at sea. Our relationship with Him becomes integral to finding our way forward and we are far too satisfied to ever consider turning back! When you’ve committed so much to God’s will, you recognize what a tenuous position you’re in if you decide to live WITHOUT Him. Anything we’ve accomplished in living by faith, cannot be sustained for long if we retreat from faith and choose to live by sight. God’s projects are too enormous to be sustained without Him. We NEED HIM! God began to teach me this remarkable lesson yesterday as I was taking stock of being neck-deep into projects which would be making me sick with worry if I didn’t have Him. The faith adventure He is leading me on makes me absolutely dependent upon Him—as it should be! I’m in so deep that there’s no turning back—and that’s exactly where I want to be because there’s no safer place for me to be than in the center of God’s will. Before I began to live by faith, I was in my “safe”place; however, I was ruled by fear, dissatisfaction and complacency. Faith sets us free from the tethers which ground us so we can fly the highest and best course God has charted for us. When we are soaring by faith, we realize not only how much we need God, but also how much we were missing by living without Him. The Bible defines “faith” as “the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” (Heb. ‭11:1‬) In what or whom do we place our faith? Is it our paycheck, the government, our friends or family? The One most worthy of our faith is our Creator and Sustainer. It is in Him we find complete satisfaction, unfailing love, unimaginable power and incredible wisdom. Living by faith in God’s will is the adventure of a lifetime!