Hardship is a great experience to draw us into an extraordinary relationship with God. Without it, I may have NEVER had the remarkable experience of His intense love, deep wisdom and superb power—AND—most importantly—the opportunity to experience the phenomenal joy of bringing glory to HIM! And so–His presence continues to grow in my life as I sit in the silence in the wee hours after midnight with my soul rejoicing. I have been given another day to glorify Him. The probable long-term physical limitations and rigorous 4 hours of surgery which ended a mere 5 hours ago are not separating me from Him. The short-term limitations imposed by having the use of only one arm are not prohibiting me from using hunt and peck skills to share with you the miracles which God is doing! And—at this hour, the powerful anesthesia pain block in my arm is still keeping my arm pain free so my mind is not clouded. He IS heart-changing powerful and–He has given me the overwhelming desire to use this circumstance—no matter how good or bad it turns out—for HIS absolute Glory. I’m learning to pray for His healing—but ONLY if it will maximize His glory! Had I not experienced the inexplicable joy of God’s will, I NEVER would have been able to condition a request to God to restore my health upon the maximization of His glory. This verse has so many applications—it is absolutely brilliant! “For the sake of Christ, then, I am content with weaknesses [and]…hardships. For when I am weak, then I am strong.” (‭2 Cor. ‭12:10) Our desire for the absence of trouble or weakness can become a god which minimizes our ability to glorify The TRUE God! When we are strong, beautiful, eloquent, capable, athletic, talented, wealthy, intelligent and WE may allow OURSELVES to be glorified and thus, never experience the joy and complete satisfaction of glorifying GOD! I pray God will teach me to desire to be weak enough to live in the glory of His strength: We were CREATED to DESIRE to glorify HIM and—to LIVE for His glory!