If we are unhappy or unfulfilled in life, it’s not because we don’t have enough things, the right relationships or—even because our country or the world is falling apart! It is because we haven’t allowed God to satisfy us. How do we, as children of God, allow Him to completely satisfy us? We come to His table; drink of His cup and eat of His Bread. We sleep in His pasture under His watchful protection. We walk in His way and run His race. We cease allowing the desires of our flesh and the lies of the evil one or the world to corrupt our mind and heart and rob us of our blessed heritage. We cease playing around and risking our life in the dangerous traffic on the streets of our own desire. God gives us everything. He gives us our next breath and heartbeat, sunlight, nutrition, water and all the material things we need and enjoy in life. We may swagger around like we’re something—but without Him, we are nothing. We may think that our time is our own and we have the autonomy to “do what we want”—but if we accepted His invitation to become His child, then the best time we have is when we are with Him. We may think our money and possessions are OURS; but we are foolish to utilize most of it upon ourselves when He will guide us to make eternally satisfying investments. We may think that our choices should be based upon what WE want and enjoy–but He gives us unspeakable enjoyment–which is non-existent apart from Him. We are created with a Divine purpose, and to follow our own way is a slap in the face of our beloved Creator. Following our own will is simply sounding the death knell to the end of our own satisfaction. We will NEVER be satisfied without the One Who created the idea of satisfaction. It is quite humbling to think that when we are His–He is also OURS! His love, wisdom and power are OURS to enjoy. How amazing it is that His Presence is OURS in which to become completely satisfied and blessed! Remember God’s timeless promises of satisfaction in Psalms 23. He is “my shepherd…I shall NOT want…He restores my soul…my cup runs over.” His Presence is found in His perfect will and there is no place on earth more satisfying! God’s Presence gives us heaven on earth.