If we truly admire the heroism and sacrifice of Christ, then our adoration of Him is evident. When we invest time and effort in a relationship with God, we begin to adore everything about Him and we allow Him to penetrate our life to the extent that we become heroic and sacrificial because we know He is worth it. He believed our life worth His. He fills us with the fruits of HIS heroism and sacrifice, that is–His wisdom, love and power—which we will NEVER have if we are not SERIOUS about Him. We must rid ourselves of the naïve believe we may obtain the immense blessings of a relationship with Him while we keep Him at arms length or make Him come to us on OUR terms. This is the sad essence of the secularization of Christianity, and it robs us of the magnificent, personal relationship we were created to have with Christ! We MUST take Christ seriously. Dietrich Bonhoeffer, a German Pastor and a spy during WWII, who boldly spoke out against Hitler and the Nazi regime said: “One admires Christ [and] calls him the greatest ethicist; one admires his…death as a heroic sacrifice for his ideas. Only one thing one doesn’t do: one doesn’t take him seriously…One maintains a distance between himself…and the word of Christ, and allows no serious encounter to take place. I can doubtless live with or without Jesus as a religious genius, as an ethicist…however,[if] there be something in Christ that claims my life entirely with the full seriousness that here God himself speaks and if the word of God once became present only in Christ, then Christ has not only relative but absolute, urgent significance for me. Understanding Christ means taking Christ seriously.” Christ’s heroism and sacrifice is evidence of how seriously He took us: Where is our evidence of how seriously we take Him? He sacrificed EVERYTHING for a relationship with us: How much are we sacrificing for the best relationship of our lifetime? Knowing Him is more rewarding than anything else; and when we know Him–our adoration of Him becomes spontaneous. When we take Him seriously, He entrusts us with His power, love and wisdom and He is evident in us–everywhere we go. “Whom have I in heaven but you?” (Psa. 73:25)