When it comes to the concept of giving, what if we could experience giving like God does? God gives to us more generously than we can imagine. Our simple human mind cannot comprehend the collective depth and breadth of His giving. We cannot grasp the vast latitude of His giving which is manifested in so many ways like–His sustaining our every heart beat, His repeated regeneration of the diverse cells in each system within our body, His majestic power sustaining our solar system, His maintenance of the delicate balance of the ecosystems, His tender comfort and peace in our sorrow, His joy in blessings, the bending of His ear to hear our every prayer and His outstretched hand to catch our tears. These are all ways He “gives” to us. He “multitask-gives” every second of every day in ways that our mind simply can’t grasp. Should we ever doubt His goodness when we cannot comprehend Him–much less how magnificently He gives? Amidst such incomprehensible generosity, can we possibly believe that He gives grudgingly? Everything already belongs to God and He gives as if He has nothing to lose because He has more than He could ever give away and loves us more than we know. If we are His children, then we are heirs to His Kingdom and we, too, have more than we could ever give away. He gives without thanks, He gives when we’re not looking, He gives gifts we don’t comprehend and He tells us to do the same so we will be blessed (presumably as He is blessed in giving to us.) In return for ALL the blessings He gives us, He does not DEMAND our heart—He waits for us to come to Him; He does not DEMAND for us to give Him glory—He waits for us to be wise enough to recognize that our true joy is found in glorifying Him! Perhaps He tells us “it is more blessed to give than receive” because that’s what He does and He wants us to experience what He does. (Acts 20:35) God has given us the ability to give the keys of His Kingdom to those who are imprisoned and He has given us blessed freedom from the sin and sorrow which rules this earth. Let’s give like He does and experience “a little heaven on earth!”