Will we allow social media to influence our heart and mind more than God Who will fill our heart with love, empower our mind and change our lives? Social media is a wonderful tool to spread the message of hope, encourage others to do good, promote good causes, etc., however, like good chocolate–it’s really easy to get addicted! We can become consumed by how many people “like” or “love” our Facebook posts and how many followers we gain on Twitter. Furthermore, social media can ignite a whole range of emotions and overload our heart. Within the span of a couple minutes—we can become sad–because enough of friends didn’t “like” what we posted; jealous–because a friend “likes” someone else’s post; hurt–because someone blocked us; enraged– because someone criticized us; and—yeah, the list is endless! We can run this gamut of emotions in just the few minutes it takes us to scroll through our multiple social media sites! Yikes!!! Before social media existed, the events which would affect our hearts developed more slowly, face-to-face and usually one event at a time. We had time to breathe and reflect between events because there was no fast-forward to the “new stories” or no reviewing and re-reading what had already been said or done. We MUST consider the effect this is having upon our hearts and minds. King David said: “I will set no worthless or wicked thing before my eyes…” (Psa. 101:3) Jesus said that the eyes are the “lamp” of the body and when they are full of light that the whole body is full of light. (Matt. 6:22-23) God is The Light. The time we spend connecting on social media is never as good for our heart and mind as the time we spend connecting with God. While social media is be a tool which may draw us closer to God, there is no one we will “meet” or “hear” on social media who is as good for us as God. When we “check in” with God, He fills our heart with unconditional love, unsurpassed wisdom and fearless power. We do our heart and mind a huge favor when we “check in” with Him more than we “check in” on social media!