When we allow God to fill our heart with HIMself, then we find less of OURself in us. God’s presence in our life changes everything about us. That’s why Jesus said: “By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.” (John‬ ‭13:35) God’s love cannot be faked. We can put on the “Christian” façade of good works and holy living and still be as cold as an Alaskan winter. “Christians” who live a “Christian life” without being changed by the love of God are some of the biggest deterrents to salvation for the lost world. God gives us rules to protect us and bring us closer to Him; however, His rules should never take the place of Him. When we obey Him—by not doing the things He says we shouldn’t do—envy, hate, gossip, cheat, steal, lie, etc.–AND by doing the things He says we’re supposed to do–go to church, pray, read the Bible, etc.—these actions place us in a POSITION to have our hearts filled with Him. However, these acts—in and of themselves—do NOT fill us with His love. Our obedience places us in His house; but to know Him and be filled with His love—we must constantly SEEK His presence. For example–we seek Him first thing in the morning because we are in love with Him; we talk to Him throughout the day because we value His guidance, wisdom and strength; we talk with Him before we go to bed at night and thank Him because we know He’s the reason we have life. Seeking to KNOW Him with ALL our heart means HE becomes top priority for how we spend our time, money, resources and talents. It’s like a great marriage–we wouldn’t dream of doing anything without consulting the one who loves us the most. We make His will our will. When God becomes so completely integrated into our lives—THAT is when His genuine love begins to pour out of us and that’s when the world sees Jesus in us because then–we are filled with Him!