If we measure the success of our life by our personal accomplishments, wealth, family and friends—then we’ve missed out on true success. If we look back upon our life thus far, what can we say are our greatest successes? Maybe we’ve built a huge house, established a business, have children, have a fancy car, have some money in the bank, traveled the world, attained the top class ranking or are the best in our profession—are these things the pinnacle of success? If so—Jesus was a complete failure in our book of success. In fact–so was Paul, John the Baptist, and most of the disciples. So will we continue our life as we have thus far and pursue our own definition of “success” rather than taking a huge pause to re-evaluate? Will we miss out on TRUE success? What was the lasting “success” from the lives of the disciples, the Old Testament prophets, or even people like Queen Esther? It certainly wasn’t the list of things mentioned above. The common thread which survived the short span of their lives are the things which they did for the glory God. For example, Paul and the disciples gave us much of the New Testament. A modern day example is Martin Luther King Jr.–a preacher–who allowed God to use His life to champion equal rights. In 1957 he preached a sermon about what Jesus meant in Matthew 5 when he said “love your neighbor.” Luther said: “Love is understanding redemptive goodwill for all men so that you love everybody, because God loves them. You refuse to do anything that will defeat individual, because you have agape in your soul.” This sermon embodies the life which Luther lived. What we DON’T remember about Luther are his personal assets; rather, we remember what he did and his passion and sacrifice for a cause greater than himself. His success is remembered today by how he allowed God to work through his life. Similarly, Queen Esther’s success wasn’t that she became queen—it was her courage as queen to risk her life to save her people. It’s not the positions or possessions which we attain which define our success; it is the selfless sacrifices we make with what God has given us!