From Essential Faith Volume 2: Learning to live in faithfulness instead of failure does not happen overnight—it is a process of daily choices. Our weaknesses and bad habits did not appear overnight, nor will they disappear tomorrow. It doesn’t matter what our sin of choice is—lying, cheating, laziness, sloppiness, cursing, vanity, overeating, gossiping, drugs, etc.—the more we feed that habit, the stronger it gets. The more we starve it, the weaker it gets. Each day is full of decisions which all boil down to whether we’re going to follow our will or God’s divine plan. Jesus gave us the gold standard through His example and He said: “For I have come down from heaven, not to do my own will but the will of him who sent me.” (‭John‬ ‭6‬:‭38) Our Father gives us a free will and we can stand alone in our will or stand in the unity of His will. When we stand with Him, He gives our life passionate purpose. When we choose our will, the Divine passion flickers and fades like a spark which flies out of a fire and quickly dies. So many choices lie before us today and we must decide if we, like the prodigal son, will feed the flame of our own desire with the temporal pleasures of the world and continue the cycle of our own ruin instead of choosing the blessings of The Father which are found in His will. Any weakness, no matter how small, can eventually destroy us. Lies lead to betrayal and destroy friendship; overeating can lead to a heart attack and death; laziness destroys opportunity; etc. We should take the time to identify our weaknesses and identify its natural course and decide if that’s where we want to land. For example, insecurity is one of my weakness. Thus, if I work all my entire life to be accepted, what will all my work to be accepted net me at the end of my life? Do I want to be a worn-out and used-up person, when Christ already accepts me and gives me eternal satisfaction? That thought motivates me to change my choices–kind of like a picture of a fit model changes a dieter’s choice about whether to eat a doughnut. Fill in the blank with your weak area and think about the end result. Living in God’s will isn’t following the orders of some uncaring bystander. He is our most loving Father Who gave His best for us. When I follow the trinity of me, myself and I, then selfishness is my continually unsatisfied companion which eventually imprisons me so that all I can see are the walls of my own empty existence. When I unite my will with His, He produces the blessings of light and warmth through me and I am freed from my own will because I become wonderfully lost in His. Each daily choice we make to follow the will of God weakens our weaknesses and strengthens the wonderfulness of living with Him.