When we fall in love with God, we learn to do good for the singular reason of pleasing Him and not so we may receive any glory, praise or anything in return from man. The difference is love. The Bible says: “If I give away all I have, and if I deliver up my body to be burned, but have not love, I gain nothing.” (‭1 Cor. ‭13‬:‭3‬) If we are doing good to obtain something for ourselves–even just appreciation–then our selfish desire taints the love. Selfishness and love are opposite. We love without any expectation when we’re in the center of God’s will because in His will we are completely satisfied by His love. His amazing love minimizes our expectation of love from other sinners like us. That’s why the best friendships that we have are with people who also live in the center of God’s will. Our best friends do not do good things out of a sense of obligatory duty to maintain the friendship or to gain approval—rather, purely to please God. They are kindred spirits in the family of God because we are both connected to the same golden cord of God’s love. With these friends there is no questioning of motives because the friendship is centered in the trust which comes from each person striving to live in God’s will. In God’s will, we learn more each day what it means to lay down our life for love. The satisfaction we receive when we do good things simply to please our Father does not last for a moment or a day—it lasts for eternity. Sure, sometimes we receive the temporal blessing of a “thank-you” or seeing joy reflected in someone else’s life because of the good we do—but that’s not the BEST part. The best part is pleasing our All-Loving Father Who gives us blessings greater than we can imagine! The best blessings we experience on earth are the fruits of the love we give without expectation. When we live in the center of God’s will, “doing good” is not a struggle, it’s a natural reaction from His love which we allow to become ours.