From Volume 2 of Essential Faith: Because I’d never experienced it, I had no idea that it was possible to have God’s wisdom in “real-time.” I began experiencing God’s “real-time” wisdom when I finally believed in my HEART (not just paid lip-service) to the truth that He really IS much wiser than I am. It THEN became a priority for me to seek Him. After all–if God is just a senile old man or only as smart as we are—then why would we EVER seek His advice—right? As I got to know Him, I began to SEE evidence of this verse: “For the foolishness of God is wiser than men, and the weakness of God is stronger than men.” (‭1 Cor. ‭1‬:‭25‬) You see, as long as I believed I was smarter than God, I had no reason to seek Him. After all, what did God know about making money, making friends, making good grades, making me successful, making me happy, etc.—right??? However, as I have continued to passionately seek to know Him, He reveals that He knows more than I do about EVERYTHING! For example, one day I remember I was dreading a research project, and had just started to dig into it when I realized I hadn’t talked to God about what HE wanted me to do with my day. So I stopped and began to talk with Him and He gave me an idea for a new project which was completely unrelated to the research. He next laid it on my heart to text a friend but still didn’t give me peace to begin my research project. Instead, He prompted me to take a hike with my son and his friend, who professes to be an atheist, and we had an amazing discussion about the existence of God. Throughout the entire day, God gave me peace that I was doing exactly what He wanted and I was NOT worried about my unfinished research project! Long story short—I ended the day at the home of the friend God told me to text earlier to get the information for the new project God laid on my heart earlier that morning, and–guess what??? On top of giving me advice about the new project, my friend also had already done the very research I thought I’d be spending the entire day doing! In 15 minutes I got exactly what I needed because–that’s how God works. When I seek Him first and do His will–He does this time after time. The more I experience the amazing miracles of being guided by His strength and wisdom, the more I want to live each moment of the day carefully listening to His guidance. He IS more wise and powerful than I ever realized and He loves me more than I comprehend!