Learning God’s Word is not just an intellectual endeavor, it is a spiritual surrender. It is the difference between observing and loving. Surrender to God does not happen by force of will; but rather, by being drawn into His great love. We are not shoved, pushed and dragged to the water in the desert; we run to it with all our might! When our heart is open to receive God’s Word, our soul longs for it like water in the desert! (Ps.119:131) When we surrender to Him, our heart becomes open and we are able to see the beauty and pricelessness of His Word. “Your testimonies are wonderful; therefore my soul keeps them. The unfolding of your words gives light; it imparts understanding to the simple.” (Ps 119:129-130) God’s Word gives us light and understanding in a dark and confused world. Without surrender, learning about God’s Word is an intellectual endeavor and will never touch our heart until we come to Him with a heart that is ready to be touched. When my heart is open, God’s Word makes my spirit joyful; refreshes my heart; moves me to excitement about life; gives me hope when I feel hopeless; shows me I’m loved when I feel unloveable; etc. Being surrendered to God is being surrendered to His Word because HE IS The Word. (John 1:1-3) The Word was God and the Word still is God and to love His Word, we must love Him. The words “I love you” are only significant based upon the relationship between the parties speaking the words. The closer the relationship, the deeper the meaning and significance. The words have little significance when coming from a stranger. When we are surrendered to God, then His Word has a much different effect upon us–IT becomes alive, empowers, revitalizes, comforts, wizens, emboldens—and—fills up everything that is missing in our lives! His Words to us are His love story which touches our heart as only love can do!