My pride is the enemy of God’s Presence in my life. As we get to know God, we become accustomed to His voice guiding, comforting and giving us joy, and we realize that a huge void exists when He’s not close by. Pride dismisses God’s Presence in our life. Whether pride manifests itself innocently in a desire to be “self” sufficient; or, more obviously in downright disobedience–when it creeps in–God’s Presence bows out. The Bible says that God “resists” the proud. (James 4:6) Furthermore, His Presence is most evident when we’re humble because when we’re humble we are focused upon Him and not us. When we’re humble, we’re focused upon glorifying God and He becomes our primary source of joy and pleasure. The experience of His Presence eclipses all other joys! He gives everything in our life meaning. The Psalmist wrote of God’s Presence: “You make known to me the path of life; in your presence there is fullness of joy.” (Psalm 16:11a) Once we’ve experienced the sweetness of God’s Presence, we never want to lose it. He is the best part of our life. It staggers the imagination to think that Our Magnificent King has given such flawed creatures an incredibly Divine Purpose–to glorify Him! His nature and character are perfect and He has no beginning or end. He is completely independent, He defines absolute reality, He sets the absolute standard for all that is good—and, without Him–we are nothing. John Piper said: “‘God IS’ means–that nothing that isn’t God–depends totally upon God.” This is the mindset we must develop! When God refers to Himself as “I AM,” He’s giving us the truth about reality: He is the eternally self-existing center of the universe–not us! Only a heart that is humble may understand this to the extent it changes enough to draw close to Him. When we humble our heart and draw close to Him, we discover that there is more in Him than we ever found in ourselves. He gives us the fullest measure of joy!