How does the “Joy of the Lord” give us strength? The Bible says that “the joy of the Lord is your strength.” (Neh. 8:10) In my own experience, it’s because as I’ve discovered that God as my greatest source of joy, I’ve also discovered He is my most reliable and magnificent source of strength. The “joy of the Lord” contemplates Joy which is derived from divine origin. It’s not the type of joy which comes from lesser things like–sensuality, power, possessions, people or circumstances. These lesser things never provide lasting and complete satisfaction. If we fail to recognize this truth, we will persistently and frantically pursue these lesser things to fill the quickly evaporating sense of “joy” which we obtain from them. We constantly hunger for more of what won’t fill us. How can someone who is constantly hungry–ever be full of strength? When we’re born again, we hold the key to strength. However, even after we’re born again–if we don’t seek to KNOW God, we’ll never find HIS joy which fills us and draws us to discover HIS strength. It’s a shame too–because that would be like receiving a gift of a billion dollars and never even spending one penny. However, when we seek to know Him, the joy which comes from His presence, fills us, satisfies us and it us upon that foundation that we can live in His unshakeable strength. God’s presence is more refreshing than the most rejuvenating retreat and more satisfying than our favorite meal or most successful accomplishment. The satisfaction or “joy” that we receive from His presence makes us stronger than ourselves because it is grounded in unchanging God. The Joy in Him which gives us strength isn’t lessened by events or people because the strength is of divine origin. Charles Spurgeon said this of those who find God’s strength: “His inner light makes him independent of the outward sun; his secret granaries make him independent of the outer harvest; his inward fountains place him beyond dread though the brook Cherith may dry up; he is independent of men and angels, and fearless of devils; all creatures may turn against him if they please, but since God himself is his exceeding joy, he will not miss their love or mourn their hate.” (Sermon 1027, Dec. 31, 1871) Unless we take the time to seek God and purify our lives of whatever is separating us from Him, we will never experience the strength which comes from the satisfaction He gives us. God is strength. When we seek Him, we find His joy; and when we find His joy, we naturally draw upon His strength.