Living in the confidence of God means HE is our greatest source of confidence. This verse is oftentimes quoted–but not really practiced: “I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.” (Phil. 4:13) Having the confidence to proclaim “I can do all things,” implies that God is our source of strength because we know that WE are NOT able to do ALL things. Only GOD can do ALL things–right? So, for example, are we deterred from certain goals because we don’t believe them possible based upon our own abilities? If they are God’s goals, then they ARE possible–irrespective of our abilities. When we have confidence in God’s strength instead of our own, He produces miraculous results with our limited abilities. So–what have we done lately that we can point to and say: “That was ALL GOD” and way outside of MY ABILITIES?” Ah yes–that’s the test to see if we really believe this verse! The most miraculous work is the changing of a human heart! It is truly a work of God. We have no power over the heart of another–but what we DO have is the Holy Spirit Who will work through us to touch others with His Word. This is one of the clearest miracles which is truly beyond our abilities. We cannot change a heart on our own! When we begin to become confident in God, He frees us to develop the wings He created us with and He teaches us to fly to unimaginable heights. “Self-confidence” limits our accomplishments to what’s in US; “God-confidence” gives us unlimited possibilities based upon what’s inside Almighty GOD. He is more brilliant and powerful than we can imagine! One of our greatest weaknesses is our confidence in own strength–instead of God’s. Confidence in God is a place of perfect peace. We don’t worry about how to accomplish our dreams when we live in God’s will. His goals are bigger than ours because they aren’t limited by our imagination of what is possible in our own strength. When our confidence is in God then He takes the lid of the “can” and we truly CAN do ALL things through HIM!