If God created us uniquely and in HIS image, then why would we try to live our lives as a copy of someone else? Even before we were born, God created us for a unique and wonderful purpose. The Bible says, “Your eyes saw my unformed substance; in your book were written, every one of them, the days that were formed for me, when as yet there was none of them.” (Psalm 139:16) For heaven’s sake–God created us in HIS image!!! (Genesis 1:27) The late Howard Hendricks said: “All people are born original, but most people die a copy.” Wow—that’s so true! Think about how often we try to live our lives in the compromised position of trying to be someone else. Sure, others can inspire us to achieve wonderful goals and develop characteristics which glorify God; however, too many of us are trying to be someone we’re not–and we’re living like a bad copy of someone else instead of the unique person God made us. In his book, Flourishing, Dr. Stephen Graves speaks of “finding our unique voice.” Along with our unique talents, God also gives us passion to develop it. Sometimes the practicalities of life (survival) require us to be patient in order to use our “unique voice.” For example, if being a teacher is our talent, then we first must get an education. However, when we were children—we didn’t try to hide our calling behind the practicalities of life because we didn’t have to. When I was a young hippie kid, I sang songs and wrote my own plays and performed them with joyful abandon for my family by the evening firelight in our teepee. The “unique voice” which God created in me was free. As I aged, it was silenced by the practicalities of life as well as my own cynicism and unbelief. Now–God has unleashed it—in music, writing, teaching God’s Word and in my law practice! God has led me back to the “unique voice” which He created in me. God’s dream for me is bigger than I ever imagined because He created me HIS awesome image. He didn’t make anyone else like me. If God took the time to create me uniquely then why would I try to be anyone else? There is peace in living to be exactly who God made us. We don’t have to live in the frustration of trying to be someone else or someone that everyone else says we should be. God knows best and He creates the best!