Do we reserve faith in God for a crises–or it is it a daily practice? Who or what do we rely upon more than we rely upon God? Is it our intellect, talent, money, friends, family, success or accomplishments? When we have a question–is our first reaction to run to our family, friends, boss, or intellectualize a solution–or, do we ask God first? Do we plan our daily activities based upon goals that make sense to US rather than asking GOD? Do we spend money to solve a problem before we talk to God? Do we study for hours for a test before ask God how and what to study? Plug in your own daily events and ask yourself how much of a role your faith in God has in your daily decision making. When God challenged me to identify why faith in Him isn’t part of my daily decision making process, He showed me that the closer I am to Him, the more His righteousness, love and wisdom changes me; and then, the more my daily actions reflect living “by faith and not by sight.” (2 Cor. 5:7) Right before this verse, the Bible speaks of being at “home” in the body and thus, “absent from the Lord.” Are we so comfortable with ourselves that we reserve our faith in God only for a crises but fail to exercise it in the ordinary daily activities? If so, we’re cheating ourselves! The closer we get to God, the more He changes us to be more like Himself and our faith is awakened and we LIVE in a manner consistent with our confidence in His character. The closer we get to The Almighty, the more we see the absurdity of placing our faith in the temporal and we transition from placing faith in the world to placing faith in Him. What we would have previously thought were absurd impossibilities become magnificent realities. The closer we are to God, the more we see that WITH Him–”ALL things are possible”–and then, faith in HIM dominates EVERY area of our life. (Matthew 19:26)