When God guards our heart and mind, nothing or no one can take our peace unless we allow it. If our heart and mind are NOT experiencing peace, then we must consider why that is. It could be what we read in yesterday’s devotion–that we’ve opened the door and allowed peace invaders in; or–it could simply be that we haven’t made GOD our peace keeper in the first place. Perhaps we’re relying upon our own strength, intellect, position, drugs, alcohol, family, friends or possessions to secure our peace. However, the Bible says God is the perfect peace keeper. The Book of Isaiah says, “You keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on you, because he trusts in you.” ‭(Isaiah‬ ‭26:3) When trusting God for ALL things becomes more important than trusting ourselves, then every decision involves Him and–He secures our peace. Our mind is constantly upon that what is most important to us, and so, if God is most important then our decisions are based upon our trusting relationship with Him. Is there anything or anyone who guards our heart and mind like God? Thus, is there anything or anyone we should have foremost in our mind–above God? The decision to allow God to captivate our mind is not just daily–it’s hourly. Throughout the day we consult with Him, thank Him, praise Him, laugh with Him, complain to Him–just like we’d do with our best friend. He becomes irreplaceable to us. We begin to experience His unfailing character, immeasurable wisdom, mighty power and unsurpassed love–and—we have perfect peace. God is our perfect peace-keeper!