Have you ever seen a fish, lying on a river bank and gasping to breathe? People are the eternal creation of God and will exist forever in one of two places. We have the privilege to be utilized by God to steer them off the broad path of destruction and through the gates of life. (Matt. 7:13) We have been given a commission from the greatest Commander to go and “make disciples of all nations.” (Matt. 28:19) Furthermore, He has given us ALL power to fulfill this high calling. In fact, it is what we were designed to do. We often think that this great commission is too difficult or, we’re too busy, too tired, too afraid, etc. However, the only true difficulty is learning to daily surrender our heart to Him. When we follow His will instead of our own, we acquire the mind of Christ. Then, when God becomes central in our lives, we begin to experience His power to draw people to Himself. We realize that it’s NOT us–it’s HIM–working in people’s hearts. All WE must do is SURRENDER our own desires to His will. When we do this, we go from being that fish lying on a river bank and gasping to breathe, to one gliding gracefully in the river. We are fulfilling the purpose for which we were designed and God uses our willing heart to work the miracles of His Spirit in the hearts of others. There are too many fish on the river bank gasping to breathe who’ve never felt the joy of swimming. I was one of them. I know what it feels like. Sometimes, I still choose my own will and flop up there and gasp awhile. People need to see what it looks lIke to swim in the delightful river of God’s will. However, if we are up on the river bank gasping along with them, why would they ever bother to listen? God has an amazing commission for each of us and it is found choosing the life-giving river of His power and love found in ONLY in HIS will! Once we are born again, we are given the ABILITY to swim freely in God’s grace. Although we never lose that ability to swim in grace, we often CHOOSE to flop up on the bank and gasp. How marvelous it is that we may choose to swim in God’s will and share this gift of freedom with others!