Is there any ONE activity which ALWAYS makes our life better? When we learn to be close to God, then we find that our quiet time is that consistently life-bettering activity. It’s better than anything which displaces it–sleeping, eating, exercising, family time, the news, social media, music, etc., because–He adds more to our life than any of these things do! God recharges our strength and refocuses our vision. In my quiet time with Him, there are no distractions to cut off my focus and He can fill me with as much of His goodness as I can absorb. It’s like laying in the sunshine on a chilly day and absorbing the warmth all the way to my bones. If there are no clouds, wind, rain, or tornado blocking the warmth, then it’s like having the sunshine all to myself. In our quiet time, we must block out the distractions of the world so we can fully absorb God’s wisdom, love and power. The storms are waiting for us. He prepares us better than more sleep, food, social media, etc. Even Jesus had quiet time alone with His Father. “And after he had taken leave of them, he went up on the mountain to pray.” (Mark 6:46) He had no home to escape from everyone and lived amongst the throngs who constantly wanted something from Him. He was constantly serving, healing, feeding, teaching and loving the huge crowds which followed Him everywhere. He encouraged His disciples to get away and rest: “Come away by yourselves to a desolate place and rest a while.” (Mark 6:31) Jesus, Who was the embodiment of God Himself, NEEDED time alone with His Father. We are created in His image, and we NEED it as well. We shouldn’t deprive ourselves of this basic need. When we discipline ourselves to consistently spend quiet time with God, we recognize our vital need for alone time with Him. His Presence turns our mountains into mole hills. Having a great day begins by spending time with the Source of all Greatness!