How much do you want trouble to “touch” you, that is–to make you worry, fear and rob you of peace? We all walk in the dry, harsh desert of trouble. It is part of life in a fallen world and it surrounds us for miles on every side. We have bills, heartbreak, conflict, death, and every imaginable type of unpleasantness which comes from living in a fallen world. WE choose HOW we walk in this desert. We can choose to walk without water or food, naked and unarmed never take shelter. Or, we can choose to walk sustained by Living Water and The Bread of Life, be clothed with truth and righteousness and find shelter in the Rock of our refuge. God offers us His resources during our desert traverse; however, we obtain them only through our relationship with Him! His Word says, “The fear of the Lord leads to life; then one rests content, untouched by trouble.” (Proverbs 19:23) it’s easy to observe whether His children have made a decision to choose to walk “touched” by trouble because we’re angry, upset, nervous, stressed-out, worried and “troubled.” Sadly, it’s a direct reflection of the degree to which we have CHOSEN to be close to God. Yet, we trudge on, naked and hungry in the desert leaving behind the provisions of God’s bread, water, clothing and shelter. “The fear of the Lord” is choosing to live in respect for Him above all else. When we respect someone, we search out their wisdom, we listen for their voice, we follow their advice and–we don’t have to be told to obey because our heart is already there. This type of relationship with God is what gives us the ability to live “untouched” by trouble because—unless we CHOOSE it–there is no trouble which can rob us of our relationship with the Prince of Peace. When we discover our walk with God, we find peace in the desert of trouble. Stop now—eat His Bread; drink His water; clothe yourself with His truth and righteousness; wrap yourself in His arms; and find–His peace in any trouble!