Why do we, who have received so much grace, judge our fellow man so harshly? We act as if we’ve forgotten our own measure of grace. WE are part of the “all” who “have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.” (Romans 3:23) God’s mercy and grace–NOT our own goodness–is the sole thread connecting us to His righteousness. Thus, our lives should reflect the mercy and grace we’ve received from Him when we interact with others who need the same connection. Before we experienced God’s grace through the unmerited gift of salvation, we were ALL destitute, filthy, blind beggars wandering hungry, cold and naked closer and closer to the yawning chasm of our own destruction. We were completely without hope and the ability to help ourselves. God seeks us and finds us and with His Spirit draws us and invites us to be His children and live in His home. HE is completely responsible for our current life of blessing and we are robed in HIS righteousness. When we realize that ALL of our goodness and ALL good things come from Him, we become humbly compassionate. We become conscious beneficiaries of grace desiring even that our worst enemies find His goodness. We know the vastness of grace we’ve received and it keeps us humble enough to acknowledge the offenses of others against Our Father are no greater than our own. There is no one “below us” because we are all created in the same image of God. No other human was more righteous than Jesus and yet, He touched the beggars and lepers and He spoke with compassion to the adulteress, tax collector and murderer. May the knowledge of God’s grace towards us compel us to treat ALL others with the same compassion that drew us out of the street and into God’s family!