If you’re familiar with the history of slavery and how its victims were beaten, mistreated and scarred by their masters, it’s crazy to think that a slave, once freed, would EVER voluntarily go back to a cruel slavemaster. But—are we like the freed slave who volunteers for more bondage and cruel mistreatment? There are many things that enslave us from the freedom we have in Christ. God’s children have been set free from the corruption of this world; however, we are constantly bombarded with the lie that the world offers us MORE than God does. God’s Word says, “They promise them freedom, but they themselves are slaves of corruption. For whatever overcomes a person, to that he is enslaved.” (2 Peter 2:19) The primary message of the world does not draw us to God—it makes us believe we need more things, to be better looking, to be smarter, etc., so we can “have it all.” Our pride makes us a slave to public opinion. God is not a slave of public opinion–it already tried Him and found Him guilty–but, it NEVER defeated Him. Nor should it defeat us. Sure, the old slave master never stops trying to entice us back his chains–he tells us we need to look, act and speak in a way that feeds our enslaving pride. We must remember that God’s purpose is not about our pride–it’s about Him; and when our purpose is HIS, we are free–because no one chains God. When we choose to be in God’s will and walk in the freedom that Christ has given us, then the enslaving enticement of our own pride loses its appeal. We cling to Him. Living in God’s will enlightens us and we begin to see the approval of this world for the painful shackles of slavery that it is. God doesn’t need the world’s approval and neither do we. Our purpose is to live for HIS glory. When we’re living close to Him, we’re FREE to love as He does.