Once, I was hiking in a remote part of Colorado and realized that, somewhere along the way, I’d taken a wrong turn. I could see the sun and a distant peak I’d been using as reference points and I knew I was headed the wrong direction. I felt small, alone and unprepared for the dangers of being lost in the wilderness at 11,000 feet. I turned around. I went back to the last place where I knew for sure I’d been on the right path. Sometimes, I find myself having taken a wrong turn in following God’s plan for my life. I feel small, alone and lost. I realize I’ve lost the passion His passion and the security of being grounded by His wisdom, peace and joy because they were abandoned at the point I quit walking in the guidance of His Spirit. In HIS Spirit are the experiences which our soul craves: “But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace.” (Galatians 5:22) GOD’S SPIRIT produces HIS love, joy, peace, etc., and we experience them ONLY when we choose to live and walk in HIS WAY! The Bible says: “If we live in the Spirit, let us also walk in the Spirit.” (Galatians 5:25) When I’m not experiencing the fruits of the Spirit, my soul despairs and I must stop, turn around and figure out where I took a wrong turn. Where did I depart from God’s will? Perhaps, I’ve hurt someone, didn’t help someone I was supposed to, slipped back into a bad habit, was a poor steward of my time or resources, or–was simply worrying and thus, doubting the very character of God. Each of these choices are “wrong turns,” which mark where I left the path of “walking in the Spirit” and chose to “walk in the flesh.” As soon as I repent and begin to seek God’s will again, it’s remarkable how quickly His love, joy and peace floods my thirsty soul and chases away the insecurity of darkness. His Presence spoils us–and we learn to desire Him even more. Living in His Presence, His will becomes the deep craving of our soul!