Until we like God, we’ll likely never love Him. God doesn’t force us to do either; rather, He continues to shower us with His goodness to draw us to Himself. It’s amazing to me that I lived most of my Christian life without “liking” God! I didn’t even realize that was the reason I’d never fallen in love with Him! Do we “like” God? When we “like” someone we want to be around them because they make our life better. People we “like”–give our life meaning, stimulate us intellectually, give us love, give us satisfaction, make us feel safe, make us feel needed, make us feel strong, etc. We are drawn to being with them. Conversely, we avoid people we dislike. Their presence is an obligation instead of an anticipated event. We experience a whole range of negative reactions. Perhaps they make us feel–disconnected because we have little in common with them, intellectually bored, nervous, afraid, inadequate, intimidated, angry, etc. Perhaps, we don’t even know why we dislike them but we just simply can’t wait to get away from them and find someone we like! So, how do does God stack up? For us–do our feelings about His presence lineup more within the “like” or the “dislike” category? When we dislike God, His presence is an obligation. To fall in love with God, we must learn to like Him. To like Him, we need to know Him. When we SEEK Him without preconceived notions or reservations, we find He is much different from what the wicked world has convinced us about Him. His Word says: “The Lord, the Lord, a God merciful and gracious, slow to anger, and abounding in steadfast love and faithfulness.” (Exodus‬ ‭34:6‬) Because He is God, He is better to us than any of our human friends are even capable of being. When we seek Him, He becomes our favorite Friend. We become drawn to Him. Then–when God’s presence is an anticipation rather than an obligation, we know we like Him so much that we’ve fallen in love with Him!