Have you ever repeatedly shown kindness to someone and they repeatedly repay you with indifference, disrespect, rudeness and unkindness? It’s easy to be hurt and angry–right? When this happens, we need to ask ourselves the purpose for our kindness. Are we being kind because we’re expecting something in return? Maybe we’re expecting respect, love, appreciation, recognition, reciprocation, or something else and so we’re disappointed and angry that we “wasted” our time, effort and resources. We feel used. When this happens to us, it’s time to examine our own heart–not theirs. In other words, when our kindness produces regret, it’s time to check our motives. Presumably, God doesn’t tell us to give in order to make us miserable–right? No–He loves us more than we love ourselves. His goodness produces immense joy. When we are filled with Him, He enables us to give to others without regret. God reserves some of His greatest joy for those who give with a pure heart. His joy enables us to plant seeds of love without any expectation from the receiver. He is our great expectation, our greatest Treasure, and He resides in our heart–where no one can steal Him. When Jesus talked about what we treasure, He said, “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” (Matthew‬ ‭6:21‬) If God is not the treasure of our heart, then we are looking for treasure in places we’ll never find it. When God is our greatest source of satisfaction, then our greatest anticipation is receiving from Him–not anyone else. He fills us with the treasure of His joy. We don’t expect to receive any greater joy from another person, because we know there is no greater joy than Him. His presence changes us and purifies our motives. When we learn to give like He does, we give the joy we’ve been given and we’re joyful just to see others experience it. We don’t need their approval, respect, thanks, appreciation, reciprocation, etc., because we have God. He is the giver of all good and He gives us the joy of giving!