When God becomes the most important part of our life–His presence is evident in us. Why? Because when our heart is totally surrendered to Him, we are placed in the full flow of His blessings which produces irrepressible joy. Our excitement about the miracles in our life is evident in everything we do and say. Jesus did miracles which demonstrated His power over the elements and the forces of evil; but the greatest miracle is when man, whom God has given a free will, surrenders to Him. Jesus cast the demons out of a man and he was so thankful that “he went away, proclaiming throughout the whole city how much Jesus had done for him.” (Luke 8:39) This guy told everyone he met that Jesus set him free from the demons. And–people saw the difference. Now think on this–hasn’t Jesus done something even greater for each of His children? He set our eternal soul and spirit free from DEATH. He has given us the freedom to live outside the prison of our own sin. He gifted us with His, love, joy, peace, wisdom and power to live in the immense blessings of Him! If we are not overflowing with the good news of what He has done for us, then we have obviously chosen to short-change ourselves. Do you think the demon possessed guy ever wanted to back to living with the demons? Not likely. But, if we as Christians do not have the good news of God bursting from us, then we have allowed the demon of sin to shackle us. And if our life is no different from what it was before when we were slaves of sin, then no wonder we don’t have anything to share! We are just living in the same misery and slavery of everyone else around us. When God saves our soul and spirit, He frees us for eternity; but to live free in our body–we must surrender to Him while on earth. When we surrender, our life is transformed–just like the man who was freed from demons. We become a living testimony of God’s freedom because the blessings of a transformed life can’t be hidden!