When I was learning Brazilian Ju Jitsu, I was so intent upon learning that I switched from a group to private lessons. I wanted the instructor’s full attention to critique me, and put me through the mechanics of the moves. The more time I spent with him, listening, watching, tumbling, straining, sweating and practicing through my exhaustion–the more naturally and powerfully I moved on the mat. My Christian life has been a lot like this.

For years, I didn’t tap into the power of my salvation because I never spent one-on-one time with The Master. I lived powerless in my sin. I settled for plastic Christianity. I strained at the dissatisfaction of living by The Book when I wasn’t in love with the Author. Although He had given me new life–I’d never bothered to get to know Him. Then–six years ago–I decided to take private lessons. Private time with The Master has completely transform my life! Why wouldn’t it? He is my Creator and knows everything about me! I committed 10 minutes a day. I was ignorant about what to do or say. I told Him that. He showed me I needed to tear down the walls of sin down between us so I could hear Him. In my 20 years as His child, I had a long, long list of offenses against His love. I began asking His forgiveness. I also began studying His Word and asking Him to teach me. He is the best teacher in the world. He knows everything–including our level of ignorance. He knows where to begin our instruction.

Today, my personal time with God is the only hour of the day I don’t want to miss. It’s necessary to reset me in His freedom, power, wisdom and love to guide me throughout the day. Without Him, I live blind, deaf, weak and powerless. Jesus said: “If you abide in my word, you are truly my disciples, and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” (John‬ ‭8:31-32) Yes! When we discover the freedom of our salvation, we never want to go back to the abject poverty and slavery of sin. Private time with our Master gives us everything we need!