Jesus led people–not by force of power–but in the power of love. Centuries later, He is still influencing people. He didn’t become powerful and influential by clawing his way to the top, using people, degrading or denigrating others. He could have snuffed out the lives of His critics, created wealth for Himself, delivered Himself from being crucified, etc., but He chose not to use His power in this way. Instead, He lived in the power of love. He submitted Himself in love and became a vulnerable baby. He was innocence–born into the hands of sinners. Like all great leaders, He asks nothing of us that He, Himself, has not already done.

The Bible says: “And walk in love, as Christ loved us and gave himself up for us, a fragrant offering and sacrifice to God.”(Ephesians 5:2) Do we aspire to lead? If so, what is our goal? Is it our own greatness, security, glory, posterity or wealth? Unless our goals are eternal–our struggle is wasted because what we accomplish will quickly fade away as we do. So, we must force ourselves to assess what we’re doing. Think about yesterday–did the majority of what we did have an eternal purpose? Our life is a priceless gift. While we can’t change yesterday, we can change today. When we choose to live our life in the love of God, our daily routine blossoms with eternal purpose.

To live in His love, we must know Him. When we know Him, we lead as He did. This Baby born in a humble manger is the greatest leader we will ever know. Know Him well. The father of our country, George Washington, understood this. He gave us this advice: “Make sure you are doing what God wants you to do—then do it with all your strength.” To know His will, we must know Him. To know Him, we must seek Him like we pursue the deepest desire of our heart!