My earthly father taught me about the love of my Heavenly Father. My father chose to adopt and love seven children who weren’t his. Most people want to adopt an infant because they don’t have the baggage that comes with children who have been scarred and damaged. Understandably, when choosing to invest heart, money and time into a child, most people want a clean slate so they have the best shot at making it count–right? Well, my dad didn’t see it that way. Only one of us seven kids was an infant when he adopted us. As the oldest—I was by far the most rebellious! As I look back at how he loved me–someone who was not even his own flesh and blood—it’s an incredible picture of my Heavenly Father. My dad gave me his name, called me his child and treated me as his own. He adopted my scarred little heart and sacrificially traded his own goals to give me a loving home. He did this for seven children! He spent thousands of hours teaching us how to live. In the throes of my rebellion, I’m sure there were times when he wondered if I was a hopeless case. However, he didn’t give up because his commitment to love was unconditional. His taught me so much about my Heavenly Father’s love.

The Bible says: “See what an incredible quality of love the Father has shown to us, that we would [be permitted to] be named and called and counted the children of God!” 1 John ‭3:1‬a ‭ Even though we are scarred by sin, God desires that we be His children so much that–He gave even more than my dad! His beloved and perfect Son died on the cross for our wretched souls. And, amidst our rejection, He extends the offer of His royal lineage to each of us. Even as we ask Him for salvation, He knows our prodigal heart will rebel against His love and follow the foolishness of the world! Yet, He loves us ahead of our sin. Our Father patiently disciplines, comforts, encourages, counsels, teaches, nourishes and even–adores us. When we seek Him and let no sin stand between us and Him, we learn that His love is our greatest experience. He is our Good Father!

From the book, “Essential Faith” Volume 2 available on Amazon by clicking HERE .

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