Would we walk away from friendship with the most powerful and wise person we’ve ever known? What if he were also the one who loved us more than anyone else in the world? Would we REALLY abandon that friendship? Or, would we pursue it with every fiber of our heart? If God is REALLY so wonderful, why don’t we treat Him like we do our closest friends? I didn’t because–I didn’t really BELIEVE His friendship was worth pursuing. So sad. If I had, I would have pursued Him with all my heart from the day I was born again! However, as I now am getting to know Him, He is completely changing my perspective. He is becoming the friend I never want to be without! Why was I so deceived for so many years? Well, I didn’t BELIEVE in Him enough to take ACTION. Do you?

When we believe in something enough to act upon it, then that belief opens the door to experience what before we only imagined. For example, if I believe I can write a song but I never begin, then that song will never be written, sung, or heard. Eventually it will fade and disappear. When I was first born again, I remember anticipating a fresh start with God. I wanted to know Him and please Him. However, although I had trusted Him for my eternal salvation, I didn’t believe in His goodness enough to pursue friendship with Him during my journey on earth. Slowly but surely, I abandoned Him. Twenty years later, my hurting heart was awakened to His goodness! That’s when I finally believed in Him enough to pursue His friendship. Now, He is the most real part of my life.

The Bible says: “For his invisible attributes, namely, his eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly perceived, ever since the creation of the world, in the things that have been made. So they are without excuse.” (Romans 1:20) God is known to us because He is all around us. When we are drawn to the mountains and the lakes, we are being drawn to our Creator. He speaks to us through His Word. When we believe His Word and the irrefutable proof of His existence, we passionately pursue Him with all of our heart!

From the book, “Essential Faith” Volume 2 available on Amazon by clicking HERE .

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