When God writes the story–it’s always perfect. He constantly amazes me and I am compelled to “pour forth the fame of God’s abundant goodness.” (Psalms 145:7) I don’t know anyone greater or more real–than Him. If you haven’t read the backstory God has written over the last seven years of my life, click HERE.

The photos of the progress are posted below!

Photos of both Kimberly F. Lowe Law Offices. 
Houston, Missouri + Waynesville, Missouri


Here is one of His latest chapters…

About two years ago, I began to ask God for a new building for our Waynesville law office. Although the building we’d been leasing had been a total God-send seven years ago, it was becoming apparent we couldn’t stay there. I was very concerned. I made some desperate attempts to find another building, but every door was slammed shut. Matter of fact, a few slammed so hard it bruised my nose, but–that’s another story! Although I was frustrated, I finally just gave it to God. Well, unbeknownst to me, He was working out a plan. To properly tell this story, I must give you another backstory which paved the way for this one.

I serve as legal counsel for the Free Women’s Center of Pulaski County, a crisis pregnancy center offering pregnancy testing, ultrasounds, counseling and financial assistance to women who experience an unexpected pregnancy. I serve with some amazing and selfless people, like George Heib, Suzanna Embry, and many others. We decided to build a home–called the Nativity Home–as a residential home for expecting mothers. We had been searching for a site, and one day, God laid it on my heart to donate five acres where my home is built.

God had graciously provided this property to me about six years before and through this undeserved gift had worked a miraculous transformation in my life.

It was such a blessing that I’d taken to calling it the “rainbow property” in memory of God’s faithful love to me. I was so ecstatic about being a small part of providing a peaceful place of refuge for women and their unborn children that it never occurred to me that this gift would be a catalyst for yet, another answered prayer.

In order to facilitate the gift, I visited our county surveyor, Don Mayhew, to get a property description for the Nativity House. Don mentioned in passing that he knew I was looking for an office building and that the building next door to his office was for sale. He said the owner had just stuck a “for sale” sign in the window. However, I was so focused on the Nativity House deal that it didn’t immediately hit me that this was the answer to my prayer. I’d actually kind of resigned myself to thinking that perhaps maybe I was supposed to scale back and wind down my Waynesville office since God had provided such a fabulous building for my Houston, Missouri Law practice.

After Don mentioned the building, it eventually occurred to me that even though it was huge, I should at least check it out. The owners, Pamela Seda and Esteban Seda , were relocating to Puerto Rico due to a job transfer. I loved the building, but I after I heard the price, knew I couldn’t afford it. However, Pam encouraged me to make an offer, so I had my contractor and banker look at it to see what it would cost to get into it.

After we determined a price point based upon the renovations necessary to transform the main floor from retail space into a law office, I gave them the number. It was not even close to their asking price–but I had no expectations. I had already given the future of my Waynesville office to God. Much to my delight and amazement–we came to an agreement!

I was floored!

I couldn’t believe what God had done. He was giving me roughly three times the space for just slightly more than I was paying for the lease on my current office. That’s God’s math–it’s rarely based upon our intelligence.

God didn’t just seal the deal, He kept on working. As I marveled about how it was the gift to the Nativity House that had brought me this unexpected blessing, I told the story to friends and the sub-contractors working on the building. They got excited about the story too. For example, the electrician, Samuel Hall, the electrical supplier, Butler Supply, the architect, Tom McGruder, and the surveyor, Don Mayhew also agreed to donate time and resources to the Nativity House! Wow! Full circle blessings.

Although I had many friends and my family who helped out, I give my greatest thanks to the hard work of Peter Cruz, my contractor and dear friend, who worked far beyond the call of duty on this project. Because of him, we moved into the new building the day the lease on my old building expired! Our office family rejoices to have such a beautiful place to come to work everyday. The building is rich with history and we now we’re adding our own.

The building was built in 1941 by Dr. C.A. Talbot. The main floor was a drug store and the upstairs has been a doctor’s office, a dentist office and an attorney’s office–to name a few. During renovations, we found receipts and old documents dating back to the 40’s and 50’s. To add history back into the building, I collected historical bricks and stamped pavers from all around Missouri and integrated them into the exterior. They are different shapes, sizes and styles of architecture based upon the building or street from which they were reclaimed.

A friend of mine, Robert Nothum, also donated some bricks. He got them in the 70’s from an employee named Charlie, whose father owned an old blacksmith’s shop in Republic, Missouri. His father died and the estate was auctioning off the building and a bank was determined to buy it so Bob out-bid the bank for Charlie. Incidentally, the day Bob bought it happened to be his anniversary and he told his wife, Audrey he’d bought a blacksmith building for her. The walls were made of brick from the 1800’s and now they’re preserved on our building.

In addition to preserving history, I also wanted to incorporate the work of local artisans in the building. Although, Kenny Harding may not consider himself an artist, his work speaks for itself. He and his crew were amazingly patient with me as I designed the look–not before–but AS they worked. Poor guys! Other artisans involved in the project are Catherine Ratliff Sanders, Jake Kloeppel and Dimo Dimov. I commissioned Catherine to make a stained glass window. When I gave her my design, she was uncertain if she could do it because she’d never been commissioned before. I told her I wasn’t afraid to have her try and she shouldn’t be either–and–she knocked it out of the park!

Jake is a multi-talented teacher at Waynesville High School. I commissioned him to use several of his talents–he’s building a heavy wood exterior door and frame for the stained glass window. He’s also and artist and does iron work, so he’s building the iron arches for above the upstairs windows and painting a vintage newspaper collage of Waynesville history on the side of the building. Dimo is doing the stucco. This is the third project he’s done for me and his work is always top notch! We will be adding photos of their work as it is done.

Our office family is beyond excited to have such a beautiful building! In a million years, I would have never imagined something so wonderful and full of blessings. There is only One Who deserves the credit. He planned this unimaginable blessing. Thank you, Heavenly Father. I can’t wait to see what You do next!

[Building purchased in early 2018, remodeling began and moved into the office from the Route 66 address on July 1.]