If you knew God planned for you to rule the greatest nation on earth—would you listen to Him to get there? God has great plans for us, but we often don’t seek His plan unless we can see it is feasible. But this was not so with a young Jewess named Hadassah.

Hadassah and her people were exiled during the reign of King Ahasuerus who had conquered most of the known civilized world. Hadassah was a dirt-poor orphan who was raised by her Uncle Mordecai. God had plans for her which were way outside what seemed feasible for a Jewish exile! He had given her the gift of physical beauty and rather than use it for any short-sighted purpose, she allowed God to direct her life. God made her a national heroine! The poor, Jewish exile became Esther, Queen of Persia. Through Esther’s obedience to God, she was used to preserve God’s people from annihilation.

Do you think that Esther, as she lived in obscure poverty, ever dreamed she’d risk her life to save her people? If she had required God to show her the plan before she obeyed, she likely would have cowered in fear and unbelief. However, she believed in God more than she required a plan and He launched her into Biblical superstardom. Esther couldn’t see the path from exile to queen—but God had already been there. She trusted Him and let Him take her there. Will we?

Our greatest destiny exists inside the mind of God.

In order to live it, we need to know His mind. Our greatest accomplishments are not found within us, but within Him. Jesus said, “With man it is impossible, but not with God. For all things are possible with God.” (Mark‬ ‭10:27‬) We need to trust Him more than we trust ourselves. When we follow Him in faith, we accomplish more than we ever imagined. His imagination exceeds ours. If you don’t believe it—look outside the window! His plan for us exceeds our knowledge and imagination. He is worth trusting.

From the book, “Essential Faith” Volume 2 available on Amazon by clicking HERE .

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