Christmas is a time to recapture the childlike wonder God created within us. When we live in wonder—it dispels ugliness and cynicism and reveals joy and beauty. One day in court, my three-year-old client was sitting on my lap and I was distracting him with pictures on my phone when he came across a picture of a yellow rose. His face lit up and his sweet voice rang out through the courtroom, “ohhh…flower—pretty like mamma.” Most of the several dozen people in the courtroom didn’t know this child—yet, the sweet wonder in his voice brought a smile to every face!

Wonder is powerful! It’s contagious. When we live in the presence of Almighty God—we possess it—because we are aware of His greatness. We are living in the presence of Heaven—while on earth. Close to the safety of our Heavenly Father, we are free to recapture the wonder of being a child. Our Father fills us with amazement, excitement and awe. In His presence we are not afraid to be a child. Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” (Matthew‬ ‭19:14‬)

Ah, how simple—yet, how wise—are the words of our Savior!

When we know that our Father has given us all things in Heaven and earth—we are freed from cynicism and fear and we can live in childlike wonder! Wonder transforms us. How? Well, for example, when our Father fills us with His love we are miraculously enabled to love others without expectation. Wow—how rare; how childlike! In all areas of our life we become unafraid to do what seems impossible because we know our Father—who does it every day. We live in wonder.

Christmas is a time to draw close to our Heavenly Father and thus, revive the wonder He created in us. If the wonder of a child at something as small as a flower can transform a courtroom full of people—how much more can our wonder at something as big as God—transform the multitudes?

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