How many of us are professional “New Year’s resolutioners”—those “make it and break it” kind of persons? Or, even worse—are we those who never bother to make resolutions because we know we won’t keep them anyway? I’ve been the latter more often than the former! We make New Year’s resolutions about things we deem important—working out is my big one! What we need is not a New Year’s Resolution, but a

New Year Revolution!  

My revolution began in 2011. I was a person who had been “playing Christian” for 20-plus years and had beaten myself at the game. That was me—the “Christian”—living the “religion” without the “relationship.” The emptiness it created drove me to lie, cheat, and seek the satisfaction in sin that I wasn’t getting in “religion.” When the game was up, and I was stripped of the security of my religion—I believed God was gone too. That is when I finally surrendered my heart in honesty about my desperate need for Him. He had not  left me—I had left Him. As a child of God, I had lived “religion” without “relationship,” which is crazier than living in a marriage without friendship! God does not forsake His children. However, He cannot be close friends with one who does not seek and trust Him.

“And they that know thy name will put their trust in thee: for thou, Lord, hast not forsaken them that seek thee.” (Psalms 9:10)  

Where do we stand with Him? Are we living the Christian life like a loveless marriage? I’m learning that He is ready to love me like no other can or will—so God has set off a magnificent revolution in my heart and each day begins with me seeking Him! If we don’t already have an established daily time with God, we need to make it our New Day Resolution—for the next 365 days—and see if God doesn’t start a Revolution beyond our imagination!  

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