What is my “net worth” as of today? What is today’s value of the investment of my full lifetime of work and energy? Really think about that question. I have a house, a car, some money, and a few other trinkets. Is what I have today, worth 40-plus years of blood, sweat and tears of the lifetime which I have invested?  Absolutely not! This thought should radically divert my path—I mean, radically divert it—as if I were getting ready to drive over a collapsed bridge straight into a deep river gorge! So what will I do with the rest of my life—whatever amount of time may be left?

What’s the best investment to build net worth?

Clearly—if the net worth of my life boils down to the stuff I’ve collected—then it’s time for me to slam on the brakes and find another route—today!!  

That does not necessarily mean that I quit my job, sell all possessions and move to the mission field–it could mean that; but God mostly uses people within their different walks of life—even in very diverse walks of life! David was a king, Paul was a prisoner, and Joseph was a slave when God did some of His greatest works through them. God gives us all  the opportunity to be wise investors—from the janitor, like I was in college, to the president of a country. A wise investor will “…lay up…treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal…” (Matthew 6:20)

If all I have is that which will rot or can be stolen—then I’ve made a terrible investment! I’m asking God which investments of my time and money will produce an eternal return which does not rot and cannot be stolen. I’m looking to God to radically change my investment choices for the remainder of my lifetime—starting today!  

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