“You aren’t ready for God’s blessings!” That’s what I told a young lady because I recognized in her the same defiance about God which was once in me. For a while, she and I argued about it until she finally convinced me she truly did  want to hear about the truth. It wasn’t my usual approach to talking to someone about the wonderfulness of God—but defiance was written all over her face. It was like looking in the mirror at myself when I was that way—and I remembered, oh so well the condition of my heart.

I remember thinking: “I’m not interested in obeying God because it’s a drag and I’m gonna enjoy my life.” She surprised me. She was tired of “enjoying her life,” because the “enjoyment” had ended abruptly and now she was facing the horrible consequences. She was ready to acknowledge that her way was wrong and consider that God had a better way.

God had her full attention.  

I’m thankful it didn’t take death, dismemberment, jail or other such consequences for God to get my attention. He got it alright! I’m thankful that the painful consequences of my own actions brought me to a place where He could get my attention and I could begin this amazing journey with Him. Even now, I sometimes get distracted and He loses my full  attention. Ahhh, but something is different now—I’ve experienced the blessing of His peace and love—and that keeps my attention!

It can be compared to the blessings of Love between a man and a woman. This blessing is maximized when they are both intertwined spiritually, emotionally, intellectually and physically—it’s magnetic! The more one gives; the more the other is compelled to give. The giving results in joy to the beloved. God has given us the blessings which flow from His Grace—and they are indescribable. “Thanks be to God for his indescribable gift!” (2 Corinthians 9:15) 

When we seek God first, we capture every blessing!

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