It is often very difficult for me—as an extremely driven and hard-charging person—to not push ahead of God. I’m learning that there is a balance between following dreams His way and following them my way. The disaster of pushing ahead of God and doing things our way is clearly demonstrated by Abraham’s decision to solve his childlessness problem. Think about how different the Middle East would be today if Abraham had not rushed God’s promise of a son! When he was over 75 years old, God promised children to Abraham: “Look toward heaven, and number the stars, if you are able to number them…So shall your offspring be.” (Genesis‬ 15‬:5‬)

When he was 86, instead of trusting God, he doubted God’s promise and at Sarah’s request, conceived Ishmael with her Egyptian slave, Hagar. At age 100, God gave Abraham his promised son Isaac; however, his decision to push God’s plan was the genesis of centuries of tragedy. History is still recording the bloody conflict between the children of Ishmael (Arabs) and the children of Isaac (Jews). ‬‬‬‬‬‬ 

This is a sobering reminder for me to never push ahead of (or around) God’s plan in order to get what I want. Looking back, it is enlightening to realize that my most magnificent accomplishments were not mine—they were clearly God’s. The biggest highlights of my life were not even in my plans. They happened because I let myself be a part of God’s plan. I’m still learning how to “stand-down” when it comes to living God’s plan for my dreams. Sometimes it simply means my dreams are replaced with His plan—which has always proven to be much better; and, sometimes it means that my dreams will happen—just not on my timetable. I’m thankful that He has continued to allow me to be part of His miracles.

He is teaching me that miracles happen when I pray instead of push! 

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