Is there anyone who constantly causes drama in your life? I refer to these people as “drama-chasers.” The truth is that “drama-chasers” will be around us until we leave this world! But we don’t have to let them cause US drama. How do we have peace in the drama? Remember that we don’t belong in the family of drama-chasers; we belong to God. We don’t have to act like them! “Be still, and know that I am God: I will be exalted among the heathen…” (Psalm 46:10)   

People who cause us drama will always be in our lives, but will we let them control our joy? In reality, they live a sad life, surrounding themselves with ugliness which will eventually destroy them. Why then, would we allow someone so sad to control our joy? Our Source of joy is bigger than their source of sadness!! We need to train ourselves at the first sign of drama, to stop and remember Who our Daddy is and know that He does not wish for us to lose joy and be controlled by the misery of the drama-chasers.  

Be still and know He is God!

Spend time every day surrounding our life with God, who is the Source of Joy and Light. When we live with Him, it’s much easier to see drama for what it is—utter ridiculousness! When we see the great contrast between God’s peace and the drama, we will run towards God and not be caught in its sticky web. If we really don’t want drama, then we must determine to have our heart live in that place where we can “be still and know He is God.” 

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